Friday, 28 October 2011

Fan Art Feature: SunnySerenade on deviantART

A huge thank you to Sunny who's agreed for her art to be featured here at un revêur.

Celia Bowen.
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for a larger view.
Tell us a little bit about you.
Well, there isn't much to say about myself besides being an avid reader with an overactive imagine and hands that can't stop drawing I guess.

How did you come across The Night Circus? What made you want to read it?
I came across The Night Circus in the book store out of sheer luck. I read the summary inside the flap and instantly fell in love with it. I tend to fall in love with love stories cause love stories are the most dramatic!

Who's your favourite character and why?
My favorite characters are of course Celia and Marco because of the bond they share even though they met each other 20-25 years later and instantly knew who each other were and eventually fell in love with every single quality about them. I also love Herr Thiessen, he's is so adorable, especially with his crush on Celia. 

Poppet at the Cloud Maze.
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for a larger view.

Can you walk us through your drawings? Tell us what was going through your mind when you drew Celia and Poppet.
Well, my drawings are rather simple. I just wanted to draw the characters as I see them in my head since most people don't know who they are, so I thought "Why not introduce them to dA (deviantART) since no one knows this book" and BOOM! Celia and Poppet appeared on dA!

Will you be working on any more drawings?

I will be trying to work on more drawings. I would love to draw Herr Thiessen and his brilliant clocks, but I hope time can permit it. College life is rather stressful when you're in a pre-medical major.

Thank you Sunny!

You can find more of Sunny's artwork on deviantART.


  1. How gorgeous! Those drawings make me want to read the book even more!!

    ♥ Melissa @ Melissa's Eclectic Bookshelf

  2. Yay C:
    Im glad people like my art